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What We Do ?

Multan Farms is the growing animals( Ostrich, Goats ) breeding and crops farming company in Pakistan. It has been expanded to mango farms, rice and wheat farms. Currently, it has the expertise and capability to import ostrich chicks and all other products. It provides technical support and professional advice in setting up of a successful business. It also assists its clients in managing its products, breeding and farming, marketing and sales of grown-up birds, goats and other products. It provides consultancy services for protecting the client investment and assets.

We produce and sell bi-products such as milk products, honey, fruits, meat and eggs of these farms to individual customers on basis of FARM to DOORSTEP concept.

Multan Farms

We are a farming and FARM to DOORSTEP delivery company.

We produce 100% natural, pure and organic products.

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Multan , Pakistan

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