About Multan Farms

Multan Farms is the growing animals( Ostrich, Goats, Cows )  breeding and crops farming company of Pakistan. It has been expanded to mango farms, rice and wheat farms. Currently, it has the expertise and capability to import ostrich chicks and all other products. It provides technical support and professional advice in setting up of a successful business. It also assists its clients in managing its products, breeding and farming, marketing and sales of grown-up birds, goats and other products. It provides consultancy services for protecting the client investment and assets.

 Multan Farms imports Healthy and vaccinated, Breeder ostrich chicks from Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Multan Farms provides these chicks with internationally compatible prices to Ostrich farmers.Multan Farms is running national and international Marketing and sales campaigns to ensure sales of Ostrich meat, leather, feathers and other products. it is not only creating the market for Ostrich meat and leather inside Pakistan.We use scientific methods and environmentally friendly practices to grow a variety of crops and animals. We avoid pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals that may harm the plants, animals or soil.


To be one of the leading business houses employing best business practices. We design, build and operate the world’s most productive indoor farming solutions. We believe the key to a more sustainable future requires eliminating supply-chain risks and undoing the commoditization of the food industry. That’s why Company is building a distributed network of cutting-edge farms throughout the country to grow the freshest, healthiest produce possible.


To undertake safe and profitable commercial activities in a manner that portrays AWT’s image as a respected market leader while generating maximum funds for meeting the welfare requirements of the Army.

Core Values

We have an unwavering commitment of being a good partner, focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships with governments, other companies, customers, communities and each other.

Ostrich Farm

Multan Farms as a Ostrich Company is the leading ostrich farming and breeding company of Pakistan. Currently it has the expertise and capability to import ostrich chicks and provide technical support and professional advice in setting up of successful ostrich business


Goat Farm

Multan Farms is company of raising and breeding of domestic goats for their meat, milk, fibre and skin. customers can actually visit the farm and get the products. of their choice Charming, but above all there is a lot to do and to discover!


Mango Farm

Multan farms are professional Mango and grass producer in Pakistan. The company has been exporting best quality of mangoes in large amount to worldwide each year.


Rice & Wheat Farm

Multan Farms are passionate for producing best quality of rice and wheat, Company is Also trying to grow best crops to meet customer needs by using innovative farming techniques and technologies.


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