When most of us think of the by-products of goats, chevon, milk and fiber spring to mind. Here is a list of ten other products that you might like to make or try.

Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk skin care products have become quite the cottage industry. Known for its mild properties goat milk soap is frequently used by people with sensitive skin.
Goat Milk Paint
Goat milk paint can be used to white was parlor walls and is supposed to repel flies. You can add any pigments you like if you prefer a more colorful work area!


Although this might seem like an awful idea to some of you, why not make use of goat skins? Kidskin gloves are popular as they are soft and supple. Similar to deerskin you could also use your leather to make moccasins. Goatskin is also used for bookbinding using traditional methods.
Goat Hides
Hides complete with their hair are used in traditional African drum making. More colorful skins are used for this purpose. Goatskin rugs can also be made using traditional tanning methods.
Goat Horns
Goat Horns can be used when making walking sticks. The horns should be at least seventeen inches in length. This allows for the following and shaping of the horn. Finished horns range in color from olive to buff with tones of red and brown.
Not for the faint heart as they smell quite a bit! Candles can be made from goat tallow.
Made with goat milk and yeast this beer sits for about two days before you drink it. Something to try out on unsuspecting guests!
Fibre from goats can be made into many products. Cashmere is the ultimate luxury fiber and can be made into fine garments. Mohair has several uses including being made into blankets, mohair yarn, and socks.
Beestings (Colostrum Pudding)
Made for hundreds of years in England beestings (colostrum pudding) is now sold at fairly high prices as a health food. Colostrum is gaining popularity in some countries as a health food because of its naturally high vitamin and antibody content. Made simply from colostrum, eggs, and honey you can test the theory for yourself!
Garden Tea
A few of the more avid gardeners may have tried this one already. Collect some goat ‘pellets’ and place them in a bag that will allow water to drain into it. Hang the bag in a barrel of water and leave it to steep for a few weeks. Remove the bag and use the water as a natural fertilizer!

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