If you need to consume red meat to your protein requirement, ostrich meat is your healthful choice. Ostrich meat is a red meat this is almost equal to beef in appearance, texture and taste however without the unhealthy features associated with beef.


Ostrich meat is already a famous menu object at upscale eating place international; it’s going to soon be “the ideal red meat of the subsequent century.”



Ostrich meat is obtainable in an expansion of cuts together with tenderloin filets, steaks and floor. Ostrich meat can be organized and loved as you will in any of your preferred recipes calling for ground pork, beef, bird or turkey.


Fitness benefits of Ostrich Meat:


1) Ostrich has much less than half of the fat of chicken and two-thirds less fat than beef and red meat.


2) Much less cholesterol than beef, chicken, pork, or lamb.


3) Ostrich has fewer energy than red meat, hen, red meat, turkey or lamb.


4) Has extra iron than pork, chicken, red meat, turkey or lamb. Its extra iron content is seen within the deeper crimson color of ostrich meat.


5) Meat is evidently wealthy in protein and carries no marbled fats.


6) Ostrich meat does now not attract dangerous micro organism like E-coli or salmonella because of ostrich’s best pH balance.


Nutrient content material of Ostrich Meat : Per 100 grams


1) Protein: 26.nine


2) Fats: 3.0 gm.


4) Energy: 142


5) Iron: 3.2mg.


6) Cholesterol: 81 mg.


How to Cook Ostrich Meat:


1) Since ostrich meat has lower fat content, it cooks faster than other meat products.


2) Cooking ostrich to well done is not recommended because overcooking the meat will dry it out and reduce its tenderness.


3) Cook it medium or medium-rare to allow the full flavor of the meat to come out.


4) Ostrich meat can also be eaten raw as carpaccio.


5) Frozen meat should be thaw under refrigeration to ensure top quality when cooked.

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