Ostrich is an African bird with a large flightless hard body structure. It belongs to running hen circle of relatives with a totally tough and difficult physique. it could live on in temperatures ranging from 2 stages to 50 degrees Celsius and can be reared on barren land. It particularly consumes only inexperienced fodder and water. Ostrich farming has been began because last a hundred and fifty years in South Africa, first of all for its feathers, then for its disguise and now for its meat also. Ostrich farming has now emerge as an global industry with brilliant demand for ostrich meat because of its hygiene.

Fitness awareness in the cutting-edge international has led to different food conduct. The tendency of eating low caloric foods has ended in an accelerated demand for ostrich meat and it ranks maximum among fitness meals in Europe. the recognition of ostrich meat in terms of health cost is attributed to “zero” percent fats, low ldl cholesterol and calories, rich in protein and iron. besides this ostrich meat has a extraordinary flavor which now has large demand.
Apart from meat, ostrich produces excessive premium feathers, which can be more often than not utilized in style enterprise as a raw fabric for add-ons, show commercial enterprise, brush industry and automobile industry. moreover, ostrich produces excessive first-rate Oil, luxury leather and different by- merchandise.

This pre-feasibility take a look at is about setting up an Ostrich Breeding Farm with a purpose to provide stay ostrich birds for fattening and in addition breeding functions to distinctive ostrich farms, ostrich eggs (for hatching, meals and shells for portray) and ostrich meat to eating place industry along side family through excellent markets.

It is advised to provoke this undertaking in surrounding rural regions of Metropolitan towns of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad as maximum of the target customers / farms are positioned close to these towns. it’s going to assist the businessmen to deliver ostrich meat and other by using-products on time and in good hygienic condition from a close-by area.

Elements to consider for Ostrich Farming in Pakistan

a) Technical understanding, relevant understanding and enjoy of entrepreneur.

b) choice of high high-quality ostrich breeding birds.

c) choice of appropriate farm gear and equipment.

d) The farm manager need to make certain well timed feeding, watering, lights, vaccination, remedy,

temperature / humidity manage and culling of ostrich birds as in step with exceptional husbandry practices.

e)  Time control is very crucial in Ostrich Farming business. delay in eggs hatching can result in high cost and postpone in         meat shipping can price in heaps, because the product is perishable.

f)   Sanitation and disinfection application have to be strictly accompanied and often monitored.

g)  Birds have to receive sufficient area in line with their age as less space may want to stand up specific complexities.

h)   Feed need to now not be stored for a long term as it’d lose its vitamins and there is a threat that feed could

get fungal and might prove to be toxic.

i)  The entrepreneur ought to be nicely aware of the deliver and call for of ostrich meat and different

via-merchandise in the marketplace.

J)  Better go back on funding and a consistent boom of enterprise is closely related to ordinary schooling and capacity               constructing of the entrepreneur and employees.

Operational capability of Ostrich Farm in Pakistan

It is proposed to begin the enterprise operations with 45 birds so that you can make the mission fee effective. but, with passage of time capacity of birds can be elevated and inside the yr 10, the farm may be having 1,115 internet birds.

Regions in Pakistan For Ostrich Farming

Adjacent rural areas of metropolitan cities of Pakistan, for example Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Multan are most appropriate geographical regions for funding in ostrich farming, as maximum of the ostrich farms are positioned in those regions.

When you consider that, this pre-feasibility shows to provide live birds of up to two months and ostrich eggs (for hatching) to ostrich farms and ostrich meat to eating places and house preserve purchasers thru super markets, therefore, it is very vital to provoke this business in neighboring rural regions of suggested towns in which entrepreneur can find the target marketplace without problems for you to sell the product.

Potential customers

Ostrich meat is a superb source of protein and iron as compared to broiler or different meats. The proposed Ostrich Farm will in particular offer 2 months old ostrich chicks, ostrich eggs (for breeding, meals and painting) and ostrich meat. consequently, essential target markets for the proposed task are neighborhood shoppers, who normally change for those merchandise. Sale of ostrich hen is broadly speaking made thru private contracts on farm gate basis or materials to bulk / shops in city regions. principal clients for meat are awesome shops, Meat Markets, eating places and hotels (together with diverse 3 to five famous person inn Chains) across the u . s .a

Space necessities for an Ostrich Farm in Pakistan

About, 7 acres of land would be required for putting in place the proposed Ostrich Farm. As this business is land extensive, consequently, it’s miles suggested to purchase the specified land rather than condo or leased land. but, so as to avoid the preliminary excessive capital expenses, the lengthy-term lease agreement for land acquisition can be considered. but entrepreneur can be greater threat unfastened on bought land because of making heavy investment on shed and boundary wall as well as destiny enterprise enlargement.
The price of land is anticipated at Rs. 1.20 million consistent with acre; hence general cost of required land is Rs. 8.forty million. The infrastructural requirements of the venture specially include of the development of control workplace, Hatchery Room, garage, Open area and other centers.
choices made approximately putting in an Ostrich Farming Unit need to be nicely concept out, right from the selection of the web site to the final levels whilst the birds are offered. The farm ought to be positioned at an area wherein transportation of birds and feed can be without problems dealt with. The entrepreneur ought to ensure that the subsequent things are to be had on the farm website online before putting in the farm:

Strength Connection
Easy Water supply

Equipment & gadget Requirement for Ostrich Farming in Pakistan

Fodder Cart New Born
Fodder Cart for Birds
Maize Cutter
Water Pump with water Tank
Incubator with Hatcher
ingesting Trays

Investment Required for Ostrich Farming in Pakistan

Investment required for an ostrich farm in Pakistan is about PKR forty million. all the figures in this financial model were calculated for predicted sales of Rs. 11.93 Million inside the yr one. As stated in advance, farm will begin its operations with 45 birds in yr one. Flock length will boom with the passage of time via breeding. net ability of farm is predicted at 1,115 birds in year 10 out of which a hundred and fifty five birds are breeders (one hundred and five lady + 50 Male).

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