Sheep and goat farming in Pakistan could be very common and famous. Many humans of Pakistan prefer the goat and sheep farming enterprise. Goats are called ‘terrible mans cow’ because of their small length and having good capacity of producing milk and meat fantastically. There are certain breeds, which are without problems maintained and can produce meat or milk enormously. So, there may be a outstanding possibilities of incomes some greater profits for the marginal and landless farmer with the aid of raising goats. approximately 90% of overall goat populace of the arena can be determined inside the growing international locations. And about fifty eight% of general goat population can be located in Asia and Pacific. Asia and Pacific goat population additionally make a contribution approximately sixty two% pores and skin, 49% milk and sixty two% meat of overall goat meat, milk and pores and skin production. Goat farming in Pakistan is also gambling a great role in the financial system of this country with the aid of producing approximately 275 thousand tons mutton, 21.4 thousand tons hair, 25 million skins and about 851 thousand heaps milk annually. And this production make contributions approximately 2.5% of general national earnings of Pakistan. The manufacturing charge is increasing each day (see the chart below). This massive manufacturing is coming from hundreds of thousands of terrible, marginal or landless humans and some different commercial manufacturers. The goat products, produced in Pakistan are of high quality and has a extremely good demand in the international marketplace.

Advantages of Goat Farming in Pakistan

a) Goats are comparatively inexpensive to buy and sell than farm animals.

b) Easy to keep than any other livestock.

c) Replica process begins in advance than other animal. And gestation period could be very less.

d) You may produce extensive sort of merchandise which includes meat, milk, skin, fiber at a identical time from goat.

e) Goats can continue to exist by using eating low high-quality food.

f) You could effortlessly control goats with other farm animals animals and crop manufacturing.

g) Raising goats could be very smooth and easy. Even youngsters and ladies can effortlessly enhance and take suitable care of them.

h) Has a first rate demand inside the market So, you don’t must worry approximately advertising and marketing your farm  merchandise.

i) Goat farming is a completely famous, unique and awesome business version in Pakistan.

j) The any other advantages of beginning goat farming in Pakistan is that,goat products has very strong demand in the      nearby and international marketplace’.

k) Goat farming in Pakistan costs much less than setting up every other livestock animal farming enterprise.l) Require comparatively less hard work and control.

o) You can easily enhance 10 goats inside the area and fees required for a farm animals.

Starting Goat Farming In Pakistan

Starting goat farming enterprise in Pakistan may be accomplished via a few easy and simple steps. i have tried my satisfactory to defined the essential steps for starting goat farming in Pakistan under.

Choosing Farm vicinity

Choosing a appropriate location in your farm is one of the maximum important part of your goat farming commercial enterprise campaign. pick the sort of place where all styles of necessary centers are to be had. clean and smooth water supply, pasture or proper grazing place, market for getting vital commodities, easy complementary food supply, marketplace close to your farm for promoting your products, proper veterinary service etc. are the principle and necessary facilities for a hit goat farming business. whilst choosing farm land, make certain all the ones centers are available in your chosen land or vicinity.

Merchandise you’re going to Produce

It is very essential to decide the preferred production from any business. For successful goat farming in Pakistan, make a proper decision of what form of products you’re going to produce from your farm. you can commercially produce meat, milk, skin or fiber out of your farm. consistent with the weather of Pakistan elevating meat and milk goats are very appropriate and profitable.

Selecting Breeds

High great and healthy goat breed performs an essential function of their typical manufacturing. Beetal, Barpari, Pak Angora, Dera Din Panah, Chapper, Bilkaneri, Kamori, Ieddy, Kaghani, Nachi, Khurasani, Tappray, Pateri, Kapla Gulabi etc. are very suitable for farming consistent with the weather of Pakistan. many of the goat breeds Beetal, Dera Din Panah, Kamori, Khurasani are appropriate for commercial milk production. Barbari, Chapper, Teddy and a few different breeds are particularly meat effective. you may choose Pak Angora, Bilkaneri, Kaghani and so on. goats for fiber production. All goats produce pores and skin. however Beetal, Dera Din Panah and Nachi produce excessive pleasant pores and skin.


Housing or sheltering doesn’t have an effect on tons in home goat rearing. however for industrial goat farming motive making a suitable house or refuge for goats is a ought to. For business cause, you can make a fully concrete house or concrete shape with adbestos roof. usually make sure a good drainage machine and cleansing centers in the residence. make sure sufficient drift of mild and fresh air in the house. usually try and make south faced house.


Goats are fantastic creatures,they can eat and digest almost the whole lot eatable which they locate in the front of them. but for good production you may feed them home organized complementary meals with ordinary green foods. Goats love to eat inexperienced foods and leaves. herbal goat meals consists of tree leaves, leaves of non-legume plans, fresh legumes, flowering, cereals, grasses, roots, silage, herbal roughage, hays, dried leaves, culmination, legume seeds and plenty of kinds of corns,try and add some extra minerals and nutrient factors with their complementary meals.


Breeding is also an crucial thing for a hit goat farming business. in recent times, most of the farmers are using artificial breeding procedure at the side of natural breeding. For a hit breeding, accumulate enough information and look at as lots as feasible approximately goat replica.

a) Select healthy, illnesses free sparkling goats for reproduction.

b) Right care and managements are have to for non-stop replica.

c) Goats are referred to as seasonal breeders. August ot March is considered as the usual breeding season of goat.

d) Take greater care to the buck, decided on for breeding purpose.

Grazing region

Making a pasture or grazing vicinity reduces the meals value and facilitates to hold your goats healthy. Make a fence surrounding your farm. this could prevent your goats from different animal and they will no longer be capable of pass out of doors.

Care & control

In conjunction with imparting all sorts of centers (housing, meals and many others.), your goats additionally need some special care and control. handiest skilled goat producers can take greater or special care and management for his or her goats. start raising goats and steadily you’ll learn the entirety related to goat farming.

Veterinary centers

Availability of proper veterinary provider could be very vital for farm animals farming. despite the fact that, goats normally suffers less through diseases. but, you need to be sure about full availability of veterinary. this will assist you if some thing goes wrong.

Marketing products

Marketing goat products could be very clean. due to the fact goat’s product has a big demand within the nearby and worldwide marketplace. In Pakistan, almost all foremost cities has proper facility for advertising your products. Goat milk and meat additionally very popular to the people of this country. always try and sell your products in those market, in which you will get most charge. however, don’t shipping your goats too a long way for buying higher fee. promoting goats all through religious pageant like EID will make certain maximum rate. you may additionally apply your very own strategies for advertising your products.

if I missed to include something in this manual. To the experienced producer ‘please proportion your enjoy and thought’.

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